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The Armchair Sports Company was established to develop and market a range of exciting and innovative novelty sports based products, games and books.

Our first product is a set of Football Predictor Dice. Based on actual match outcomes from the first 26 seasons of the Premier League and Champions League, the dice provide football fans with a fun and alternative way of predicting football results and scores.

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To promote the Football Predictor Dice, we are offering visitors to our website four FREE Premier League Reviews covering the first 26 seasons of the Premier League.

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A Brief History of Predicting Football Outcomes

Did you know that football predictor competitions have been around since 1886 and that this is the third century in which fans and punters have been forecasting outcomes?  Read our article below for a brief history on the pastime, from the pre-Football League newspaper competitions to the Premier League, and discover that, despite the many changes affecting the game since the Victorian era, the split of results and the most frequent match scores are consistent across the decades.

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